Interpretation Services

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Our interpretation services answer the need for the following:

  • Conferences / events – This area covers two subcategories: institutional markets and local private markets. Institutional interpretation includes various foreign languages adapted into the interpreter’s native tongue, whereas local interpretation only involves direct adaptation of content from one language to another.
  • Legal – Legal interpretation is necessary for judicial courts, tribunals and other legal proceedings. A legal interpreter must have the ability to simultaneously interpret statements, the entire court session, or a legal proceeding. It is highly technical so legal interpreters must also have significant knowledge and experience of the law..
  • Personal – Also referred to as liaison interpretation, this often requires an interpreter to escort a person or a group during a meeting, visit, or tour.
  • Public – Interpreting for the public involves several factors that should be considered, such as emotional content, public atmosphere, audience stress level, and relationship between the audience and speaker (or source of information).
    • Medical – This type of interpretation is usually needed between medical practitioners and patients who speak different languages. An Arabic medical interpreter, for example, should not just be fluent in the language involved, but should also possess in-depth medical understanding to facilitate effective and accurate communication between patient and physician.


Professional and affordable interpreting services to smooth the lines of communication in every situation. Let us make sure that every word is the right one.


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